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All Automatic Garage Door Openers and Motors Repaired and Serviced.

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Clickers - Remotes

We carry all available clickers and remotes for New and Old Operators.

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Garage Doors

Full Repair and Service to Garage Doors, Springs, Wheels and Tracks.

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 24 Hour Genie Garage Door Service Just call 1-800-368-7921

Our Company is a Full Service and Installation Company for All Genie Products. We are State Licensed and Insured we serve all of Southern California Residential and Commercial Properties.

We offer service 24/7 Emergency Repair Service for all Genie Operators and Doors. Our Genie service is fast, affordable and highly professional.

Our Genie trained technicians can handle all your needs for Genie Garage Doors & Genie Company Electric Garage Operators/Openers 

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